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washer extractor suppliers

Guangzhou Lijing as the best washer extractor suppliers which produces industrial washer extractor,dryer,dry cleaning machine,ironing machine.
  • GL Fully Automatic Isolating Type Industrial Washer Extractor

    GL Fully Automatic Isolating Type Industrial Washer ExtractorMore >

    Our newly designed gl series isotating type of washing and de-watering machines meet the requirement of gem-free,dust-free, anti-static washing needs.

    With the isolating type of washing equipment and isolating wall,it divides the laundry room into two separate independent operating areas,via:“clean”area and “non-clean”area.

    Launderettes will be loaded into the washing machine through the door from the “non-clean”room side .After washing,unloading will be from the “ non-clean”room polluting the “clean”room.Thus it prevents the clean launderette from being contaminated and get infected again.