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Do You Know Where to Buy Laundry Equipment?

  • source:lijingwashingmachine
  • Time:08/08/2018

lijing client and the boss

An Ethiopian customer, engaged a long time in hotel laundry management, very familiar with the laundry equipment. He visited on Saturday to look for laundry equipment manufacturers for a 60-room hotel. He went to the product area to check our hotel laundry equipment first. Checked the product's operating system, drive parts, and the product material. After checking the product, regarding the customer’s request, we had done the whole set of laundry equipment plan and quote to him. The customer asks about the quality assurance of the product. First of all, he is informed that there are rarely have the quality problems with our products, and the fragile parts will be delivered to the customer together. If there are any problems after sales, we will have a professional after-sales team to contact them and solve the problems in time. The customer was very confident in our products and services, We originally asked for the quotation of one set of equipment, and finally asked for the price of two sets of equipment.

Dryer Machine

On the next Monday, the customer visited again to discuss issues such as product delivery dates, finally confirmed the order, and signed the contract on the spot. He flew back to their country at night, and when he returned to his country, he arranged for a deposit.

After signing the contract, the customer has another intention. He wants to cooperate with us to open a laundry room in their country and promote our laundry equipment at the same time.


He had lived in the United States about 15years, he was impressed by the American business model: the bed sheets, pillowcase, and towels are rented from the laundry, and there was no laundry room in the hotel. When the clothes need to be changed, send them to the laundry room to wash. He has inspected that renting sheets and using bedsheet folding machine are saving more cost than hiring people. Considering that most of the hotels in their country are small hotels, it will be a huge cost for the hotel to buy its own laundry equipment and hire manpower. And the laundry management, maintenance, and other problems are very troublesome for the hotel.

Washing Machine


So he had an idea is to copy American business philosophy: opening a laundry room in their capital Addis Ababa center, operation by washing and renting. On the other hand, The laundry equipment is using Lijing Brand products. The laundry room can be used as Lijing products’ showroom and display to the customers who want to buy laundry equipment.


After more than three hours of discussion, it was finally confirmed that the client would budget all the costs after returning to their country. We made an appointment to visit their country in August and discuss the final cooperation details.


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