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How to repair the machines when it is out of order

  • source:Repair The Machines
  • Time:05/04/2018

It is common there are some small problems with the machines When laundry machines have been used for a long time. Just like people get sick sometimes. So how do we solve these glitches? Don't deal with it blindly.

A few days ago we talked about a safety accident. Be careful.Only we can check where the fault is, and then can we take the medicine.The premise must be to find the point of failure.Today I'm going to talk to you about the problem of the noise when the washing machine is running.




First the motor is out of order.We won't fix the motor. So we must ask a technician to repair it.Because the motor is the heart of the whole washing machine, once it is broken, the washing machine will be scrapped, so we should be careful.In addition, improper maintenance of the motor will leak or even explode.




Second Drum spindle is short of oil or bearing wear.If that's the case, we'll take steps to get him through our own technical guidance, step by step,。During maintenance, open the back cover of the washing machine.Remove the motor belt.The electricity makes the washing machine run at low speed and high speed.Observe whether the friction can disappear or not.If it disappears, the fault is related to the motor.It may be the main shaft of the inner cylinder of the washing tube or the bearing wear.The lubrication oil test machine can be added to the main shaft by filling hole first. If it is invalid, remove the inner barrel spindle bearing and replace it.
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The knowledge is Shared here, please be sure to remember that if you have not received professional training, please do not blindly repair and disassemble the equipment.