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What should be kept in mind while buying industrial washing machine?

  • source:Lijing
  • Time:07/27/2018

automatic isolating type industrial washer extractor

Large commercial washing machine is widely used in places like hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, coal mines, leisure baths, etc., whose industrial processes are composed of several processes such as water ingress, washing, drainage, dehydration, etc. Nowadays, there are two types of commercial laundry equipment: One is the semi-automatic industrial washing machine, and the other is the fully automatic commercial washer.

Anyone who buys industrial washing machines wants to choose a best industrial washing machine. For those who want to run a laundromat, commercial laundromat equipment is essential. But do you know how to choose a suitable industrial laundry machine? The standard for good industrial washing machines is high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. People who are going to start a washing company or store think that it is very simple to buy an industrial washing machine. To buy a washing machine for industrial use, or to buy a used laundromat equipment directly, wouldn't it be done? The reality is not so simple. There are many exquisite for purchasing industrial washing machines. Industrial washing machines manufacturers are highly professional with a lot of professional knowledge. For those who want to buy laundry equipment. You can take a look at the following four aspects.


First, the mall positioning and policy customer base

The positioning and customer base of the laundry room will play a vital role in the purchase of professional washing machine.

Second, the evaluation of the producer

There are many laundry equipment manufacturers that produce industrial clothes washer now, so be sure to choose well-known manufacturers with good reputation.

Third, how to judge whether the quality is good or bad

Industrial washing machines are divided into various types according to customer needs. You may want to know about the user evaluation of different products.

Fourth, after sales service

The usual protection of industrial washing machines is also very important, and it would be too late if problems emerge. Professional laundry washing machine manufacturers provide perfect after sales service.

Fifth, commercial washer and dryer prices

Commercial laundry equipment suppliers will have different industrial laundry equipment prices. Shop around so you can get the best deal.


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