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flatwork ironing machine

Guangzhou Lijing is a professional private enterprise which produces and sales flatwork ironing machine,hotel laundry equipment products.

  • WJT-23 Steam Heated Mushroom Topper

    WJT-23 Steam Heated Mushroom TopperMore >

    Main features:

    This device is suitable for the completion of some small crosswise parts, belts, short sleeves and other hard to touch the place.

    Bacteria-clip machine includes the following features:

    1. Original and reasonably high quality pneumatic gas path design, the whole air control pressure hot work, no external power supply, stable and reliable safety.

    2. 6mm polished stainless steel face, reasonable structure vapor pressure, good pressure hot goodness of fit, quality assurance ironing.

    3. Steam path design simple and effective, fast heating, low heat loss.

    4. Can be customized according to customer special requirements.