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dry cleaning machine

Guangzhou Lijing is a professional private enterprise which produces and sales dry cleaning machine,hotel laundry equipment products.

  • HGQ Series Fully Automatic Steam/electric Dryer

    HGQ Series Fully Automatic Steam/electric DryerMore >

    Main features:

    This series of industrial drying machine made of stainless steel, reduce fabric wear. Its outstanding advantages are:

    An optimization design cooling and fan, large size heater, fast heat exchange and use of high-energy, fast heating, drying time is short.

    High-density drum vents to ensure adequate heat through the linen, the cloth can be fully dried in the shortest possible time.

    Large diameter loading doors for easy loading and unloading clothes, door design uses overtake port design form, avoid pulling linen. Safety interlocks ensure fitted clothes door open state machine starts braking.

  • Shoes Dryer Machine HX-40

    Shoes Dryer Machine HX-40More >

    Main features:

    It is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and nice.

    It is efficient in heating and drying, generally it takes 30 minutes to dry the shoes and clothes.The drying parameters is adjustable according to the material of linens, to achieve the optimal effect with lower energy consumption.

    The refrigerating unit works well with lower noise and longer life. The refrigerating fluid inside is very cheap and easy to buy.

    Using a sterilization combination of ozone and ultraviolet, it is with the gate-control switch to avoid the leakage of ozone and ultraviolet radiation efficiently.

    It is the customized high-effective air filter.The cleanliness class reaches class 100.

  • XGQP-SX Commercial Vended Stack Washer Dryer

    XGQP-SX Commercial Vended Stack Washer DryerMore >

    Commercial vended stack washer dryer is based on the organic integration of the washing machine ,dehydration machine and dryer,it has three functions washing, dehydration and drying.Fully automatic Stack-able washer and dryer machine is composde of the upper and lower parts.It is the first domestic double vertical structure model which can be divided into two parts,the upper part is dryer,the lower part is washing and dehydation machine.