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commercial washing machine

With quality builds brands, committed to doing the best commercial washing machine in China Guangzhou Lijing constant pursuit of excellence, beyond the self, to make every effort with the new and old customers hand in hand.

  • YP-800 Electric / Steam Heating Ironing Machine

    YP-800 Electric / Steam Heating Ironing MachineMore >

    The biggest feature of this product is the unit design . Front and rear component structure is very close , the transformation can be realized through simple random combination. In user's premises can be upgraded from single roller to a double roller, double to three, four, five, six etc.

    Large drum made of high quality 304 stainless steel, each presser shaft , shaft belt tensioning shafts are made with high-quality seamless steel 5mm thick, smooth after ironing the fabric to ensure crisp, no clip edge, reducing ironing marks.

  • YPDC-377 High Efficiency Micro Hole Energy Save Electric Heating Ironing Machine

    YPDC-377 High Efficiency Micro Hole Energy Save Electric Heating Ironing MachineMore >

    377 micro porous flatwork ironing machine is a new generation ironing equipment in laundry machinery. It is widely used in the flatwork ironing of different kinds of Linens, bed sheets, mattress covers, tablecloths, towels, blankets etc. fabrics. It is the necessary equipment of different scale hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories, schools, knitting, washing and dyeing plants.