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Bangladesh client bought the laundry machines from Guangzhou Lijing

  • source:Guangzhou Lijing
  • Time:05/07/2018

One of our Bangladesh customers is a distributor. This time to Guangzhou to attend the Canton Fair and help his customers purchase washing equipment, had visited some factories before, we  also made a lot of details to communicate, the customer's hotel is almost completed. He came to China again and decided to purchase, but he also went to visit many other manufacturers, and finally returned to Guangzhou.


tilting-type-washing machine

He told us about the hotel situation. We went to the hotel to meet him and visited the factory because he had visited the factory before. He felt that he had a good understanding of our machinery and equipment. We entered the quotation stage directly in the previous in directly. Customers also saw many same type manufacturers. He felt that we had no advantages in price. Our salesmen based on their mastery of the product and analysis of the equipment. We soon saw the difference. Our company purchased 304 stainless steel, stainless steel inside and outside the machine. We have the full line laundry equipment, washing machine, dryer, ironer, etc.


Because the factory research and development produced a lot of new technology washing equipment. We took him to the production line again. Cutting room Cost warehouse Customers are very excited. For our Superman One, there are also some hot selling machines, dryers, and ironing machines. Hope that through us we can understand a lot of specific parameters and product hot spots. We answered him one by one. After watching the three cost positions, the customer always praised our equipment.




At the price, he was not dealing with it. Naturally, he paid us 50% of the cash as deposit. It took three days. He arranged his own business trip. Take the time to come to the factory and say goodbye to us. He thinks this trip will definitely gain a lot. And we agreed that in the future there will be more Guangzhou Lijing brand in everywhere at Bangladesh. Our products give him confidence and he will have more cooperation with us.