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Company Profile


Company Profile

Guangzhou Lijing Washing Equipments Co.,Ltd. is a professional laundry equipments manufacturer, have its own registered trademarks . Our main products have industrial washer extractor, dryer , dry cleaning machine, ironing machine and other complete set laundry equipments . We have strong technology research and development ability, self-design and development of microporous ironing machine dated on 2011( Patent number ZL 2013 2 0095131.3). It is the first energy save ironing equipments in China, solution to the user in the use of high-energy unit problem.

Our company has improved strict quality management system and professional technical team, specifically tailored to customers laundry engineering, layout, construction design and a series of specialized ancillary service. Attracted a large number of customers, products sales increased year by year.

With decades of experience in the production, product excellence, in strict accordance with national standards to ensure the quality of the product has been certified by ISO9001, CE. High-quality products, fast response mechanism after sales, won favorable comments from majority of customers.

In 2006, the company began to expand foreign trade business, the earliest one in China's export laundry industry. Products throughout China and exported to Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia, Russia and other overseas markets. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, quality first" principle, with quality builds brands, committed to doing the best washing machine in China Guangzhou Lijing constant pursuit of excellence, beyond the self, to make every effort with the new and old customers hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow.

Corporate Culture

LiJing Washing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Sincerity to self-cultivation

Is the quality of our life,
It is the fundamental business.
Coexistence and coexistence, is that we get along with the quasi side of all.

Tiandaochouqin, struggling to forge ahead

Work diligently,
Perfect service,
Is our commitment to every customer and guarantee.

Excellence, innovation

Is the foundation of the vitality of enterprises forever vigorous;
Set a single breakthrough in technology, the leading global technology,

Life because of hard work and existence, struggle for life and eternal

People-oriented enterprises, employees proud of the plant; shaping the quality of people, the establishment of management foundation.
To science and technology as the driving force to the quality of survival; accumulated bit by bit improvement, towards the perfect quality.
The courage to admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility; put an end to bad ideas, carry forward the spirit of quality.
Attitude determines everything, the details determine success or failure; cultivate quality and quality, improve team strength.
I always adhere to the "people-oriented, quality first, the customer first" for the purpose, make every effort to work with the vast number of old and new customers go hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow.

Certificate & Honor

LiJing Washing Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • Certificate of Approval
  • supplier assessment certificate
  • ISO9001
  • CE-GL
  • CE-HGQ-1
  • CE-HGQ-2
  • CE-XGQ-1
  • CE-XGQ-2
  • CE-YP-1
  • CE-XTT
  • GXQ
  • CE-YP-2
  • TL
  • XGP
  • WJT
Certificate of Approval
supplier assessment certificate

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LiJing Washing Equipment Co., Ltd.

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